Unit 2 - Political Beliefs and Behaviors

Unit Essentials 

Unit 2 Calendar (Revised)

Unit 2 Vocabulary, Set A

Unit 2 Study Guide

Unit 2 FRQ Exam Set 

How to Write a FRQ

Notes -- Public Opinion


Class Assignments

Lab -- Political Ideological Profile Lab

Due on Monday, February 3.  You will use the following sites listed below to determine your political ideological profile.

Copy of the lab: Political Ideological Profile

Word Document


Quizzes used to complete the assignment

Pew Research: Political Typology

World’s Shortest Political Quiz

The Supreme Court 

Candidate Match Game


Lab -- Exit Polls Analysis

Since you will need it to study for the exam, the due date is Tuesday, February 11.

Copy of the lab:  Exit Polls Analysis of 2008 & 2012  (Copy will be distributed in class)

Word Document


Data sets used to complete the assignment

 2012 Exit Polls (Use to answer # 1-11)

Voter Turnout Among Young Men & Women in 2012 (Use to answer #12- 27)

Lab -- Policy Topic Poll Analysis

Poll Analysis for Policy Topic


YouTube Playlists

Changing Demographics of the United States

Measuring Public Opinion -- Polls & Focus Groups

Party Identification & Ideology

Other Videos 

The Next America -- Awesome

Shifting Voter Demographics

 Presidential Pollsters -- Part 1

Presidential Pollsters -- Part 2


The Young/Old Voting Gap, 1972-2012